Payment options


Paypal, Bitcoins, Western union wire, Bank wire (SWIFT international wire), and credit cards.

Protocol for paying by credit card is a little specific. We do NOT handle any credit card information directly on our website.

After order is placed for payment with a credit card we carefully examine all the details of it, especially for new customers. If we decide we will take it, we will send you a link from the bank to pay for it. Just click that link from our email and pay directly to the bank, not us.

All credit card information is directly entered on the payment processor's website through a secure encrypted connection. After the transaction is confirmed by the bank, we will process your order. If your card is declined, or we see your transaction suspicious, we will offer another payment method to you or cancel the order all together.


We are very careful about which customers we accept credit cards from.

We have been victims of credit card scammers in the past, so we now manually review orders and watch out for potential scamming attempts such as logins from an anonymous proxy server, IP logins from a country different from the receiver's country, multiple login attempts, and non-human (robot) activity on the website prior to and during purchase.

I am writing all this for potential scammers to know I am not an easy meal for predators, so please save my time and do not even place an order if your intentions are bad. There is really a slim chance you will receive products you refuse to honestly pay for and get away with it.


Customer's private data is used only for processing orders and is never disclosed to any third party under any circumstances.