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Why do 99% of New Year's resolutions fail ?
Because they are created in an ideal environment during holidays while you stay home with your family feeling secure and strong.
But in the very next few days after the holidays, you are returned to the hostile environment of your every-day life, and your mind fails to fight all problems at the same time. New years resolutions fail at very moment body and mind are faced with stress. A smoker wil look for a ciggarate, a drinker will look for a drink, suggar addict will look for sweets ...

If you new year's resolution to lose weight is celebrating its 10th anniversary or even more, it is time to do something about it !

How about making that resolution right now ? Right now, out of your office, bus or wherever you are reading this, make that choice now ! Now is the time.
Holding on your choices thru stressful times in only way to hold on it no matter what. Do not look for ideal eviroment to make chances.
Believe me everyone has inner strengh to quit addiction but some quidance is welcome, that is why we are here.
Email me any time or write on What's Up. There is a live person behind all this.
You will not be talking to a machine or some AI crap software just leading you to make a sale, but to a person who has personally won a war against addiction, much wore than sweets and junk food.
I am here to help, contact me now !
Diet has a neggative conotation to begin with so we will it call it an eating plan. Dieting sounds like suffering, but an eating plan sounds like first step to success.Your eating plan is your personal war against fast food and sugar

industry that makes huge profits by slowly destroying your health.

They sell us useless remedies for problems they have created in the first place.

Fat people are lifetime consumers of various medications, services and products due to their conditions.

None of the products are meant to solve their problem, they just want you to keep buying them all your life.

First, they get us addicted to fast food, processed foods,
Soft drinks and alcohol drinks, in one simple word, junk and poison
and then sign us up for their lifetime subscription for various medications and services.

Basically, they suck up a vast percentage of the money you make in your life .

Once we get sick, they tell us it is our own fault, it was our choice
in the first place to follow an unhealthy lifestyle for decades.

Now that health issues are forcing us to think our lives may end sooner, we panic and buy all their weight loss products, which do not work at all !

We watch TV commercials all the time, see all these nice foods around us everywhere we walk.

While shopping groceries we are forced to que few minutes in front of sweets close to cashiers deks.
Step into the post office, there are sweets everywhere.
Step into gas station, its same story again . One can not fill up his car anymore without being offered "special of the day chocolate or candy just for cents.
The whole industry was designed to work that way.

It is a total war against us, and only psychologically strong people can fight it. It takes almost the mental strength of a monk to fight off all these cravings, and most of us do not have that strength.

We fail day after day ...
We go on diets that last a day or 2, sometimes not even that.
After realizing our failure, we simply give in. Eat junk for the rest of the day, promising us that tomorrow we really start,
or next Monday after the weekend loading on junk in front of TV.

People eat so much on weekends that it lasts them even if they do not eat anything until Wednesday sometimes. It is happening to all of us
1000s of times !
We all start diets on Mondays since we are so full from the weekend that we can not even think of foods for a whole day ! That is not a successful diet start, but cheating on ourselves ends up in a vicious circle of weight gain.

Gym memberships are an even bigger scam when it comes to weight loss.
They sell you monthly and yearly subsections and know you will quit in few weeks. Those machines are torching devices.
They are meant for athletes to gain strength and muscle mass,
not for average people trying to lose weight !

Getting in shape is much easier at home with a few minutes of most simple moves then going to gym. Psychological effect those professionally built bodies who only take care of their looks whole day look are devastating to our minds. We are losers again.
So where will an average loser find a least some condolence for his mind ?

Answer: food, especially sweets, makes us feel better again !!

I do not want to go into supplement industry scams anymore,

ECA stack is a product that works. We do not want you to become a lifetime consumer of this !
We want you to lose weight and keep it that way !
There are so many people in the world that we wish to help we do not even aim for "returning customers", Of course, we do not expect you to buy all your stock necessary for weight loss, but we do expect to see one eventually strops buying all sorts of fat loss products, including ours.

Results delivered by our products are here to stay !
After you achieve your personal victory against the vicious bad food industry, you will have all the motivation in the world to keep it that way by simply choosing a healthier lifestyle, and nothing more than that is ever required once you drop your weight to normal.

A 40 year housewife with busy lifestyle drops 90 lbs in 6 months with our personalized advices and selection of products.

Losing 50 kgs (120 lbs) in 1 year the healthy and only proper way giving sustainable results, not YO YO effect.
YO YO effect is most common problem in effort to lose weight. People go to harsh on them selves, maintain diet with a lot of menthal and physical stress, simply crash in weeks, months or even days
and start "pigging out" sooner or latter.
Let's say you are 50 kg overweight and need to drop 50 kg of weight.
We know body fat is 70% to 80% actual fat, remaining stucture is water and some protein
Research on this gives different results, but we know bodyfat is not 100% only actual fat. Some water and protein are part of human fat cells too and they are broken down and exerted by the body in different ways.
So for our case study we can say 3/4 weight of excessive bodyfat is fat.

Losing 50kg in total weight is approximately 37 kg of actual fat.
Since fat has 9 calories per gram 37 000 grams x 9 calories is 333 000 calories -to burn.

We eat approxinately 2000 calories a day (average 200 lbs male).
Now if we drop 30 % of those calories with cut spray it will come out to 600 calories eaten less every day.
333 000 calories divided by 600 is 550 days.
In one year and half months one will lose ful 50 kilograms of weight! Losing weight is not a linear process, we do not lose same amoount of weight every day even though we are cutting same amount of calories
out of our daily intake. Math behind this is little more complicated on daily / weekly level but end result is undisputable. If one eats 333 000 calories less then he burs, the difference must come
of out of bodyfat. Energy can not come out of thin air, otherwise humans could function without foods. All science proves this, it is just your persisance and motivation to stick up to plan for certain period of time.

This is the most severe case, let's take a look at a case where someone needs to drop 20kg. With our products properly used and 30% reductions in calories, it will take 6 months!
These are typical and realistic results, start your plan now and lose those 20 kgs in 6 months once for EVER.

YES it can be done faster, but probably not on your own if you are not a proffesional nutritional expert or experienced personal trainer.

You can sign up for PERSONAL CONSULTING where based on personal data we can lead you to lose 20 kg as fast as 3 MONTHS!



Read about a 40 year housewife with busy lifestyle who has dropped 90 lbs in 6 months with our personalized advices and selection of products.

One of our recent successes is a client from London, UK, who managed to drop 90 pounds in just 8 months. At the same time, her self-esteem has dramatically increased, causing other areas of her life to improve. Most important was improvement in the health area since, after losing weight, her health issues disappeared or at least lowered to a minimum.
Before our action plan, she had constant back pain and very often heavy and swollen feet, which were also associated with her lifestyle. A busy mother of three with a home, husband and even dog to take care of 24/7.
Just lifting groceries from the shop and cleaning the house for 2 decades has left problems that have built up over the years.
She was advised to join the gym by some other people before us, so even though she has a busy schedule, she managed those few hours per week. Things did not get better, those torturing machines just made things worse. Back pain was even worse after visits, and on top of it, some knee pain joined in.
Lucky for her, she has accepted our advice, and we have started the protocol of home training and canceled gym memberships.
Her training routine consisted of 3 short sessions per day, lasting 5 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the afternoon, and 10 minutes in the evening.
All done at home in a living room with no equipment; all moves done with just body weight. This moves are easy on the body and can be done anywhere with just 1 m2 place even at office.
Strategically chosen timing for physical activity has caused positive effects she never expected. Like other victims of gym industry, she thought
The best way to lose weight is to sweat it out at the gym, losing hours of precious time just to get there and back on weekly basis.
Only time which average person needs to come to gym and back has been sufficient for her to complete her training at home.
At first, the family made fun of her attempts at training, but as time passed,
and she supper passed both a husband and one of the kids in fitness level; they joined in as well. Eventually, the whole family built some quality time and joy around even training sessions. Remaining 2 kids even lowered their hours in front of screens to join in training.
As for foods, we did not change anything in the beginning. To her suprice she was told to eat what she wanted and just try to keep serving sizes reasonable.
After few weeks she has admitted that her body has dropped most of the bad foods and started asking for healthier choices, such as high quality protein and natural source of sugar instead of processed, fruit instead of soft drinks. Appetatie suppressants we have adviced also slowly kicked in in and demand for foods has been reduces, in such circumstances body asks for proper foods
there simply is not room or desire for junk.,
She has listened to her body after her body choose to do just some proper physical actity.
As for supplements, yes we sold her supplements she needed, her budget was about $100 a month, and we never exceeded that.
Product we have recommended her have worked for her exceptionally well but also some of it was placebo. She has believed it works more then it should and it has proved.
Just like i said many times, make that first step... you will be surprised at how fast the body accepts positive change.
Email or whatup me to start changing your life. Do it NOW, do not wait.
A psychological win begins the very moment you start doing what you have planned.
The first contact and few basic advices are absolutely FREE of charge, and there are no obligations set for you.
Take action now ! Your health will be grateful, your self esteem with get skyhigh, everyone will respect and like you more. Fit people prove they got it to do it, and can prove themselves in other area too.