Beginners cycle #2 with deca, test and dbol

Beginners cycle #2 with deca, test and dbol

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Beginners cycle #2 can still be considered "bread and butter of bodybuilding". This simple basic combination is what has built tons of basic muscle mass worldwide and is still very effective.

It can be very first cycle, it can be your second cycle few months after you have done #1 and you can repeat it for couple of times (2-3) before you consider adding anything else to it.

Let few yeas of basic traning do it its job without rushing anything.

It is still safe yet more effective then #1 . Gains expected are from 15 lbs (7kg) to 25 lbs (12 kg) on average.

This cycle comes with full instructions on proper diet and training for maximum results. This quide is written by professional bodybuilder with decades of experience both a competitor and personal trainer.

PDF E-book will be sent to your email after order confirmation.

Total requirment : 10 decablood ampoules, 10 testblood 250 ampoules, 200 dianabol tablets

Ordering these products in a cycles is approx 20% cheaper then if you order individually.

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