Advanced cycle #3 LEAN MASS GAINER

Advanced cycle #3 LEAN MASS GAINER

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Advanced Cycle #3 is LEAN mass gainer, since it contains only non aromatizing components which produce only pure muscle growth with no water retention.

Primobolan is the king in this cycle. Primobolan is excelent product when we talk about lean muscle mass only, it is also very popular for precontest preparation.

It is has been developted in early 1980s and as such is youngest and most techologicaly advanced anabolic steroid where anabolic components of drug well superpasses androgenic

making it only anabolic steroid with no side effects even at higher dosages over 500mg per week.


Duration: 12 weeks,

total requirement of 40 primobolan ampoules, 40 winstrol injectable for subskin injections (perfect choice instead of tabs, which put stress on liver) and 300 anavar tablets.

This cycles produces massive mass and strength gains, it is suitable both for powerlifters and bodybuilders. It contains 2 strongest androgens, which combined produce total androgen explosion in body.

Being superman in the gym may come with a price, so please pay attention to water retention and fast weight gain, which can produce high blood pressure. Also, high conversion rate to estrogen is possible in the last few weeks.

of cycle, so anti estrogen is advised, but it is not mandatory. It really depends on an individual, both issues are addressed in a manual that comes with a cycle.

Please note that all our customers are welcome to address any questions on product use to our team. You will not be alone anymore or left to internet forums and sales agents who care only about profit.

We are a professional team who do not see this as just a business, but a lifelong task to help people understand anabolic steroids and use them in their best interests.


This cycle also comes with an instruction sheet of a full 6 pages packed with hardcore training advice and practical nutrition hacks that will help you train and gain faster than you would have done it on your own without

a quid from an experienced professional.

This cycle can also be called CUTTING cycle since it can be used for cutting process in pre competition period. I would only add masteron and HGH to make it real pre competition cycle.

The price is only 450 USD, which will save you 30% compared to buying it all separately.



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