Beginners cycle #3 only tablets

Beginners cycle #3 only tablets

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This simple dbol and win tabs is ment for people who refuse to use injectable version of steroids for whatever reason. Some people have simply fear from injecting and just seeing a needle sends them running out of doctors office. It may take a while to get used to injecting so it is compeletly ok to start your very first cycles with just tabs. Remember the strongest androgen Anadrol comes in tablet form so you are not that hendicapted when it comes to selection of strong and powerful components but there are other reasons why in long term injectables should be consired and among them liver stress being on the top of the list.


PDF E-book with full instructions will be sent to your email after order confirmation.

Total requirment : 100 dianabol tablets, 200  winstrol tablets

Ordering these products in a cycles is approx 20% cheaper then if you order individually.

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